Value Your Trade-In Vehicle Online

You can quickly discover the value of your trade-in vehicle online with our trustworthy Kelley Blue Book trade-in tool. Instead of the hassle of selling your car to a private seller, you can discover an easier way to part with your vehicle, discover an objective value, and streamline your experience. With only a few steps, you can save time-on-site and skip extra paperwork.

How to Value Your Trade-In

You can skip advertising your vehicle, fielding questions, and haggling for a fair price when you choose to trade-in with us. The Kelley Blue Book trade-in tool makes it possible to follow intuitive steps to discover your vehicle's market value. Kelley Blue Book has a long history of supporting drivers sell their cars and find fair values for their vehicles.

You are under no obligation to trade-in your vehicle with us by completing this trade-in evaluation. It saves you time and paperwork later in the process and provides you with a clear idea of what to expect.

The steps to valuing your trade-in include:

  • Provide your VIN, license plate number, or model year, make, model, and trim level.
  • Include your contact information for a printable version of your offer.
  • Select additional vehicle details, such as engine option, transmission, and drivetrain.
  • Include the mileage for your vehicle. 
  • Select additional equipment and details, such as packages and paint options.
  • Choose the condition of your vehicle.
  • Receive the Kelley Blue Book estimated value range for your vehicle and optionally choose the next vehicle you have your eye on.

Trade-In with Us

You can move forward with your trade-in by printing out your Kelley Blue Book offer and visiting our location. After a brief inspection to confirm your online appraisal, we will provide you with the final paperwork.

Contact our sales team today with any questions.